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HPE/HPI CodeWars簡介/What is HPE/HPI CodeWars?

HP CodeWars

HPE/HPI CodeWars是惠普科技股份有限公司專為學生們量身訂製的一個有深度、有廣度、一流的電腦程式設計比賽,今年將在惠普位於台北南港軟體園區盛大舉行,HPE/HPI CodeWars 絕對不同於任何其他您所知道或曾經參與的程式設計競賽,保證讓您不虛此行,滿載而歸!
HPE/HPI CodeWars is a first-class computer programming competition for students. Hosted on Taipei Nankang Software Park, the CodeWars experience is unlike any other programming competition.

您所注重的活動品質,HPE/HPI CodeWars都將完整具備:惠普的高科技環境、涵蓋廣泛的程式設計挑戰、大量供應程式設計師們所熱愛的"戰備糧食",以及多樣的禮贈品(包括了福袋、抽獎券…等),可說是應有盡有,這些全都在這讓人既興奮又刺激且具競爭性的活動中!
The event successfully combines several quality ingredients: the high-tech HPE/HPI environment, a wide range of programming challenges, large amounts of good "programmer" food and beverages, plus loads of giveaways (including gift bags and door prizes) - all in an exciting, stimulating, and competitive environment.

在這充滿競爭的氛圍中,學生們將能夠盡情的享受著挑戰自我、突破極限、再創顛峰的歷程與喜悅。競賽結束之後,我們將頒獎給優勝團隊以玆鼓勵,並有許多振奮人心的獎品,包括電腦、印表機以及電腦週邊等,將贈送給現場抽出的幸運者(請參閱抽獎相關注意事項)! 此外,我們還將遴選出當天妝扮造型最特別、最有創意的參賽團隊,頒發[最佳造型獎],以及選出最有創意的參賽隊名,頒發[最佳隊名獎]喔~


Students enjoy pushing their limits in the competitive atmosphere. After the competition is over, we award trophies to the top competitors, plus loads of exciting door prizes like computers, printers, and accessories. Besides, a special award is given out to the team with the best costume and best team name. This is the ultimate student computer programming competition.

HP CodeWars